Choose from our One Day Program, our Two Day Program 

or we can design a program for YOU.

Our One Day program involves the whole school (P – 6). We like to call it the ‘Whole School Sports Day’. It traditionally runs from 9.30am – 2.30pm. Every child is involved in the following events

  • Track races
  • Ball games
  • Novelty events
  • Points race
  • Relay race

Our timetable has the children rotating between activities so that every child is fully engaged at all times.  We have devised comprehensive, but simple score sheets that you can use. 

Our experience has shown that kids love being part of a ‘house’ team and earning points throughout the day for their team. This creates fun and healthy competition.  It fosters the values of determination, perseverance, commitment, teamwork and friendship.


This whole school sports day promises to deliver.

Our Two Day program runs over two consecutive days. 

Day 1 – Field Event Day 

Day 2 – Whole School Sport’s Day (as described in our One Day Program)

Day 1 – Field Event Day

This day is aimed at Years 3-6. 

The children are placed into 4 groups. They rotate between the 4 field events of Shot Put, Discus, long Jump and High Jump. 

This day provides a great opportunity for children to experience these field events which are an important part of the athletics program.

We provide simple but comprehensive score sheets. 

Scores from ‘Field Event Day’ can be added to scores from ‘Whole School Sports Day’ to provide a combined tally.

Day 2 – Whole School Sport’s Day

This is the Whole School Sports Day as described in our One Day program

The advantages of choosing the Two Day Program

  • Students get the experience of both ‘Track and Field’ events.
  • You are provided with all the results from the track and field events which enables you to create your District Athletics Team

We think it’s a WIN WIN!

Let's work together!