As parents and educators, we have attended many Sports Days over the years. It is always a day of fun, colour and great excitement. Seeing the joy and happiness Sports Days bring to children, teachers and families, we have made it our mission as Sports Day organisers to make every Sports Day  ‘A day to remember!’ 

Our goal is have every child come home from Sports Day with a smile on their face and a feeling of: ‘I can’t wait until next year’!  

We believe sport is the perfect medium for teaching the values of determination, perseverance, commitment, teamwork and friendship, therefore we are committed to delivering good quality Sports Days that foster these values.

Karen Hughes

As a keen sports enthusiast and mother of 4 active children I have lived my life enjoying the excitement of sport and a love of the great outdoors. Growing up, I was a super keen netballer and as a passionate Swans supporter, loved watching the footy. When I met my husband, I became a cycling enthusiast and together with our kids we have ridden many roads, mountains and trails. Growing up in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges in a large family meant sport and adventure were always close at hand. From a very early age I was guided into realising the many life lessons sport can teach.


As a qualified teacher with over 15 year’s experience, I have enjoyed a variety of different roles. But the one I have loved most is that of PE teacher. This role has enabled me to share my passion for sport with the children in my care. Through my role as PE coordinator I have had the responsibility for over 10 years of creating and implementing our school’s ‘Sports Days’. I have dedicated my time to developing a Sports Day program that works. One that delivers a real balance of fun, with healthy athletic competition.


I believe that every child should come home from Sports Day with a smile on their face, a good story to tell and a feeling that they can’t wait for next year. I believe that on Sports Day children should be engaged in fun activities but also have the opportunity to experience real athletic events.  There should be something for everyone. When the best combination of fun and healthy competitiveness is achieved, children then learn the real benefits of sport: teamwork, resilience, determination, perseverance, commitment and friendship!

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